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Meet The Team

The name ParaTex is a portmanteau meaning “Paratroopers from Texas”. Owner  David Bayler is a certified paratrooper with dozens of jumps logged with the US Army Airborne Infantry and Tyler Fagan served as active Army Infantry. As veterans, we share a common set of values and principles that set us apart from the competition. We take very seriously the trust our customers have in their military and its veterans and by default strive to live up those principles in all that we do. 

ParaTex’ principle philosophy is founded in trust. A paratrooper knows that each jump might be his last. It is for that reason that the trust relationship that exists between a paratrooper and his rigger is beyond contestation. The same principle is true with a ParaTex roofing system. We understand that you’re entrusting us with your home and typically your largest investment. We shoulder that responsibility and build your roof as if we were building our own the same way a parachute rigger shoulders the responsibility of packing a chute for a paratrooper. 


We believe that you should be able to jump with confidence and that’s why we say, “A ParaTex Canopy needs no reserve!”

David Bayler


Husband, Father, Soldier, Aggie with 6 years of active military service in the Airborne Infantry. David served 1 tour of duty in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF 10).

Post military, David graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction, and is a current MBA candidate at Rice University.

David brings extensive work experience as both a project manager and superintendent in the residential re-roofing and commercial general contracting industries with over $250 Million dollars in construction projects.

david bayler







tyler fagan 1

Tyler Fagan


Husband, Father, Soldier, Cougar with 4 years of active military service in the Army Infantry. Tyler served 1 tour of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 10-11).

With over 10 years of roofing experience, millions of dollars in processed insurance claims, an extensive resume of building small roofing companies into multi-million dollar organizations and a strong desire to serve the Houston community, Tyler Fagan has turned his passion for roofing and remodeling into something he can call his own.

As a University of Houston grad, Tyler’s dream has become a reality as he proudly announces his co-founding of ParaTex Roofing & Construction.