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ParaTex Roofing & Construction For Modified Bitumen Roofing

ParaTex is your source for modified bitumen roofing installation when you need a low slope roof that can withstand harsh weather elements. Call us today at (281) 492-ROOF (7663) to get a quote for your commercial roofing project today.

Why Install Modified Bitumen Roofing?

The importance of professional Houston modified bitumen roof inspections and installation cannot be overstated. Leaks are a disaster when they strike, and people often feel like they do so without warning. The resulting water damage inside the building can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to fix. It can slow down production and sales or cause all operations to cease while repairs are being done. The reality, though, is that most leaks don’t come out of the blue. There are plenty of signs that it’s time for Houston modified bitumen commercial roof maintenance services. People just don’t see the signs, don’t identify the problem and only react to the disaster. If you hire a certified commercial roof inspector in Houston TX, you can flip that entire process around, identifying issues before leaks form and taking steps to prevent that disaster in the first place. We have worked hard over the years to create and uphold our stellar reputation. On everything from inspections to repairs to new installs, we’re the best company to call. 

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Excellent Houston Commercial Modified Bitument Roof Services By ParaTex Roofing & Construction

If you choose us for your Houston commercial roof inspections, you get a company that:

  • ZHas extensive years of experience.
  • ZCan respond in hours. Our standard response time is 24-72 hours, but we have emergency crews that can be on the job in sooner.
  • ZOffers the most comprehensive diagnostic reports in the industry.
  • ZIs a “first responder” for the major weather disasters that sometimes hit Texas.
  • ZPuts an emphasis on excellent customer service. More than anything, our goal is to make sure our customers and clients are satisfied with the job we do.
  • ZA five-year warranty on all your parts, materials and labor