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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Services In Houston

Free Estimates – For all straight bids. If you’re working with your insurance company we will work by the letter to provide you with the best material available for your roof and your claim. In some cases we’re able to upgrade your products to better than what was recommended by your insurance company. This is a case by case basis and we’ll be happy to discuss ways to improve the quality of your roofing system.

How Long Will It Take To Install My Roof?

How long will it take to install my roof? – In most cases, your roof will be finished in less than a day. From tear-off to completion and final inspection, our installers are the best in the business. Larger roofs may take a second day, this will be discussed at the time of your inspection.

How much do I have to pay upfront? 

Typically, our customers are not required to pay a penny until the material hits their driveway. This ensures that you are getting exactly what you paid for and promises that we’re ready and able to perform the scope of work you’ve hired us to perform.

Specialty roofing systems may require a deposit due to the custom nature of these systems. Contact ParaTex for details.


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