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Safeguarding your claim against insurance fraud

ParaTex wants you to understand that ALL insurance claims work the same way. Insurance laws mandate that no homeowner shall profit from an insurance claim. Your insurance company and roofing contractor both utilize the same estimating software for nationwide pricing to ensure fair market value for your roof replacement.

Unfortunately, there are still unethical contractors that will offer you a steal and a song to repair your roof. “Covering Deductibles” is highly illegal and in Texas may result in fines and jail time. This is INSURANCE FRAUD.

Pursuant to Texas Insurance Code 707.002
“Texas Law requires a person insured under a property insurance policy to pay any deductible applicable to a claim made under the policy. It is a violation of Texas law for a person or business paid wholly or partly from proceeds of a property insurance claim to knowingly allow the policyholder to fail to pay, or assist the policyholder’s failure to pay, the applicable insurance deductible.”

This statute is enforceable by:

Insurance companies may now “refuse to pay a claim for replacement cost value” until the insured provides proof of payment of the deductible
(Texas Insurance Code 707.005)
It will be a Class A misdemeanor to violate the statute; both the service provider and the insured are subject to violations.
(Texas Insurance Code 707.006)
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