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ParaTex Professional Roof Replacement

When it’s time to replace your home’s roof, our trained professionals can help you choose the perfect roof replacement material. Whether you prefer the traditional shingle roofing, you like the aesthetics of a tile roof, or are interested in metal roofing, we can guide you through the diverse options and benefits of each roof replacement option. Call our roofing specialists today at (281) 492-ROOF (7663) with any questions you have or to schedule a roof assessment. 

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Of all major home repairs, installing a new roof is as important as it gets. Though a new roof is not always glamorous, you will understand its importance in a big way should an older roofing system fail. This will allow water to destroy your home’s interior from the attic insulation to ceilings, interior walls, and carpet. Fewer home problems can be more disastrous than roof failure. At the core of what we offer, ParaTex is primarily focused on bringing you the absolute best in protection from the environment by providing a roofing system that will last for decades.

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Insurance Claims For Full Roof Replacement

ParaTex can provide a full roof assessment for your insurance claim when you need a full roof replacement. We will provide a thorough roof inspection report to show the insurance claims where the roof has shingles missing, hail damage, or other destruction requiring a full roof replacement. Don’t wait to file for roof repair and replacement, as problems will get worse and costs will increase immensely. Call ParaTex today for a free roof inspection and help with your insurance claim. 


You have many choices in materials for roof replacement:

  • ZShingle
  • ZTile
  • ZMetal Panel
  • ZModified Bitumen
  • ZSlate
  • ZTPO